All year round, we have a programme of both curated and community-led events for entrepreneurs and game-changers across the globe.

Past events:

For the whole network:

‘I would like to thank you for one of the best experiences I have ever had’

Evelyn McDonnald CEO, Edge Fund

Beautiful Business Workshops

1/2 a day of exploration and learning into the defining qualities we keep seeing all over the world in the entrepreneurs who are building the future.  Creating safe spaces, game changing leadership and a lot more.


POY Dinners

We host at-cost dinners at various restaurants and venues around the regions where our network is most active. 


These are events of all shapes hosted by any of you. They can be anything from road-trips to masterclasses or building-schools to flying gliders – whatever you dream up. These can be either open or closed events depending on the host.

Just for entrepreneurs:

‘I am used to meeting incredible people, but the people I have met here have blown me away, this is so much more than a business event, this is a beautiful human event’


Emma Cutting Salt Magazine

The Naked Entrepreneur

An introduction to game-changing business for entrepreneurs committed to building a better world through business. 

Global Summits

An extended form of the Naked Entrepreneur where participants from all over the world come together to meet, connect and collaborate.

For Alumni:

  “POY is like a meditation, it brings clarity, it brings perspective and massive inspiration to both your personal and business life. It connects values that we have with what we do and helps prioritise projects that we want to be involved in and the people we want to work with. Its a peer to peer sharing experience of contacts, ideas and is a massive boost. But the main point with POY is that its personal, it’s deep and meaningful, we really care about each other.”

Linas Ceikus – POY Fellow | CEO Tinggly

POY INDIA 2015-1-42


Reflection. Inspiration. Connection. Acceleration & Purpose.

These are special reunion events for our alumni.

Get Connected and attend our Events & Programmes

“One of the most transformational experiences of my adult life.. Phenomenal experience.”

Robert Carroll CEO Mov8 | UK


or find out more…

Growth Support

“This value exchange is vital, it is actually pivotal for anybody building a company of scale”

Stuart Minnaar Founder, Yappo  | South Africa


The Metta Network

“This is by far one of the greatest networks of entrepreneurs on the planet and no better community with support and peer mentorship exists,”

Sanjay Kumar Founder,  Sustainble Microfarms | USA



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