If you want to directly drive the mission forward as game-changing entrepreneur, this is for you.

For you

Get first choice for all business related opportunities

Attend Pioneer only events

Be supported & celebrated

Share your stories

Host Hangouts

Get direct private access to other Pioneers & Fellows

From you

Keep doing what you’re doing

Pay it Forward 

Recommend a game-changing entrepreneur

Send us your good news

Send opportunities that we can share with others

Support others in the network (or outside it)

To become a Pioneer, please make sure you fulfil the criteria:

1.You are a registered Ambassador

2.You are an entrepreneur (this just means that you have set up and run your own organisation)

3. Your organisation has been in operation for a minimum of 12 months and have at least one other member of your team.

4. You have attended at least one residential POY event i.e. Global Summit, Naked Entrepreneur 1, Legacy Programme, RICAP, Spring Gathering

5. You are committed to actively driving the mission forward in your own way and telling us about it.


You found the secret envelope! If you fill in the little form below, we've asked the nice internet people to make sure they send it to us.


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