Turnover 2015: Ranked #1 World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Africa $.2m – $300,000 in sales in 2016, and $2.8M by 2018. (they serve 700,000 School Children at present) (30% of thier users are outside the formal school setting in conflict areas of Kenya, including Garissa and the Dadaab Refugee Camp.)

Staff: 15 full time staff, 1 part time, and about 60 teacher contractors
Location: Kenya

Eneza Education Snapshot

    • Your name?
      Toni Maraviglia
    • Where do you live and work, Toni Maraviglia?
    • What is the address of your main office?
      Silkwood Suites, 4th Floor, Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya
    • What is your company’s name?
      Eneza Education
    • Tell us a little about the work it does?
      Eneza offers a do-it-yourself diploma– a way for both young adults and teachers to access valuable courses and assessments, interact with live instructors, and get certified – all through a low-cost mobile phone. Always adapting our educational content for the local context, today, we’ve reached over 700,000 learners across Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania.
    • What are the main challenges your business is currently facing?
      Eneza’s biggest challenge is scaling our current model across geographies. We’ve started operating in new markets (Ghana and Tanzania) and will be adding additional markets (Nigeria and South Africa) soon. It is complicated to think through scale, especially in terms of our legal/financial obligations and the differences in each geography.
    • What would be the best possible news for you or your business at the moment?
      The piece of news would be that we signed on 5 additional telecom partners to meet our 18 month goal of reaching 8 telecom partners in 5 geographies in Africa.
    • Please provide a brief description of your business model, legal structure and ownership?
      We are a consumer model, meaning we sell subscriptions to educational courses on mobile phones directly to end users. We also have international corporate clients with whom we’ve done business. We’re registered as a Delaware C-Corps in the US with a subsidiary in Kenya. We franchise our model to local partners in Ghana and Tanzania and plan to scale the franchise model across all 54 countries in Africa.
    • Please give us an idea of specific areas where you would like support in your business?
      We need particular support in scaling our operations in new markets across Africa, especially when it comes to scaling our model as a franchise. Specifically, this means tax compliance in new markets, HR strategy support in new markets, and additional financial modeling for scale. We’ve done a lot of the work already for this, but as a team that is 99% local, we need additional, international support. We have a part-time financial advisor, although we haven’t yet hired a full-time CFO. Working with a consultancy to improve our financial management would greatly help us to scale quicker. Recommendations for finding a full-time CFO from the HR consulting side would be extremely beneficial too.
  • Please could you give an indication of the scale of your work?
    To date, we’ve reached over 690,000 unique users across over 8,000 schools in Kenya. From a recent customer survey, we’ve found around 30% of our users to be outside the formal school setting. Super users include youth in conflict areas of Kenya, including Garissa and the Dadaab Refugee Camp. Eneza has also just begun a pilot in Tanzania and will be launching on a much greater level in Ghana in September. In 2015, we had over $174,000 in sales with about $25,000 still in receivables. We project to make over $300,000 in sales in 2016, and $2.8M by 2018. 15 full time staff, 1 part time, and about 60 teacher contractors

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