TNE | September 2014

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

– John F Kennedy    

The Naked Entrepreneur


The programme for game-changing entrepreneurs who are going to lead the future in building a better world through business.

The Naked Entrepreneur is a specialised programme for young entrepreneurs who believe in building a better world through business – this is done by using their own ideas, networks and business as vehicles for creating lasting social value. We love to harness and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that this generation can become role models and beacon holders for future generations.  

Who the programme is for:

There is growing evidence that certain types of entrepreneurs matter more than others when it comes to fostering long-term economic growth. Figures from the Kauffman Foundation in the US demonstrate fast growing firms are responsible for 10% of new job creation each year, even though they make up fewer than 1% of firms. These are ‘High-Impact Entrepreneurs’ – individuals that launch and lead companies with above average impact in terms of job creation, wealth creation and the development of entrepreneurial role models. This is echoed in the latest GEM report: the need for positive role models and the celebration of success are areas for Scotland to improve upon if it wishes to boost its TEA (currently second quartile). Scotland needs these ‘gazelle’ companies, and POY’s intention with this programme is to identify, nurture and unlock more of this type of entrepreneurial potential within the Scottish population, starting with the generation who will become the business leaders of the future.  

All of our programmes provide the opportunity to RICA

  • To reflect on their purpose and the values their business is based on

  • To inspire one another through passion, stories and experience

  • To connect with themselves, each other and nature

  • To accelerate both personally and professionally


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